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Welcome To Turning Pages


Deborah Burton-Johnson and Taynay Matsumoto founded Turning Pages August 9, 1998. Since that time Turning Pages has expanded its membership with several spin off groups divided by age. Turning Pages ages 40+, We Turn Pages Too(WTP2) 18-39,
Teens Turning Pages 13-17, Children Turning Pages ("The Future") 7-12 and Babies Turning Pages 2-6.

Turning Pages, Inc. is a group of Men, Women, Young Adults, Teens and Children who share a passion for reading.

Our motto is Covering Literature For All Ages, Reading is For Everyone.


TP, Inc. is a group of people devoted to the love of reading. We come together to talk, listen, agree, disagree, reflect, renew and to EAT.

We love and respect one another. Our club provides a fun and stimulating environment. We socialize; we discuss all types of literature and support the writers of those works. We are productive in social events and contributors to charities. We are more than just a book club we are family.


We focus on authors and their work. We promote literacy. Each member has the task of selecting a book for discussion.


Turning Pages monthly discussions are held every third Saturday of each month. The location varies and is decided upon by the host or hostess of the scheduled meeting. The host or hostess also has the job of facilitator to ensure the discussion focus remains on the book. The facilitator evokes discussion related to characters and events in the story line.


If you have a love for reading, a love for discussing your literary thoughts, a love for participating in social and charitable events you may be interested in becoming a member. REMEMBER, we are more than a reading book club. You can download a Turning Pages membership application. The application is enabled for adobe acrobat reader so you can enter text directly to the form and e-mail it to turningpages98@aol.com.


Turning Pages 

January 2019

The Hand I Fan With


Tina McElroy Ansa


 We Turn Pages Too (WTP2)

January 2019

Kisses Don't Lie II


Tamika Newhouse 


Teens Turning Pages (TTP)

Children Turning Pages

Babies Turning Pages