Turning Pages
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13 Years we've been turning pages. We're no ordinary book club by book club standards. On the norm a book club is a group of people who have a love for reading that gather together and discuss what they've read, we do that too + so much more.

There are 5 sectors to Turning Pages that are separated by age.
-TP 40+ affectionally called the "The Grown Folks"
-WTP2 "We Turn Pages Too" 18-39 our young adults
-TTP "Teens Turning Pages" 13-17
-CTP "Children Turning Pages" 7-12
-BTP "Babies Turning Pages" 2-6

So our motto is simple "Covering Literature For All Ages, Reading Is For Everyone" and our mission is clear, "Promoting Literacy"

Turning Pages began a mission eight years ago.

Year 1 we donated 123 books to Children's Hospital, Oakland.

Year 2 we took our cue from author, Regina Louise of "Somebody's Someone" and provided books for the girls at The Chris Adams Receiving Center located in Martinez, a 16 bed facility that is a housing alternative to juvenile hall. The very facility that Regina Louise was in as a child although at the time the facility name was different. That was such a rewarding experience.

Year 3 we honored author/actor, Hill Harper's "Letters To A Young Brother, Manifest Your Destiny" by giving this book along with computers courtesy of the city of Marin to 2 organizations: 1) For Youth, By Youth these are youth in crisis due to experiencing and witnessing violence in the home and on the streets. This organization provides healing and hope for young people suffering from these chronic traumas. They help eliminate violence from within their own lives and their community by walking them through a multi-stop healing process. 2) Nabata Yero (means mighty warriors) a police athletic youth football team located in East Palo Alto.

Year 4 we decided to honor those who had really patronized and supported the book clubs endeavors over the years by hosting a dinner at Humphrey's At The Delta in Antioch where we gave personalized copies of the most read book "THE BIBLE"

Year 5 which also marked our 10 year anniversary so we decided to celebrate with a Nevada style casino and a party it was. Author, Pamela Samuels-Young was on hand to help us add the literary twist to the festivities and has been named TP's 2008 Author of The Year!!!!

2009 marked year 6 we celebrated Mardi Gras Style with a festive Masquerade Ball!

2010 we took it Western and rode the mechanical bull, that was a blast!

This year 2011 "Harlem Nights" it is!

Turning Pages has violations listed in our by-laws that were onceenforced by our previous sgt-of-arms, Mr. Joseph Lomax whom I might add took his role quite seriously, to the point that he would placea note on the door of the venue where the meeting was being held that said"Your Late" throughout the year these fees are collected for being tardy, cell phone ringing while meeting is in progress, unexcused absence, etc. at the end of 2007 we gave the collected funds in the amount of $200 to "The Jena 6" legal defense fund. Our newest Sgt-Of-Arms, Terence Johnson takes his position pretty serious also and is collecting lots of late fees in 2011. Can't wait to see what we decide do with these funds.

So when I say we're no ordinary book club these are some examples of that. We discuss all types of literature and support the writers of those works. We are productive in social events and contributors to charities.

Turning Pages is just beginning we have so much more to do and we are so excited!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the organizations that have contributed and helped us on the journey of becoming this "EXTRAORDINARY BOOK CLUB" The Sankofa Holistic Institute for opening so many doors for Turning Pages, both Whamo and Dreyer's Ice Cream for your generous contributions, financial and other wise. Last but certainly not least The City of Marin.

Too all the wonderful fantastic authors that have blessed and graced Turning Pages with your presence, we so appreciate and love you all!!